• Let's make things simple for 2021!

    • On 02/04/2021

    Once again this year, Covid-19 keeps disrupting all our plans...

    So, once again this year, Ty Morzigell adapts to fit all recommendations and sanitary rules, with a specific clean-up procedure for your safety and for ours.

    A few changes, though, to bring a bit more serenity for all of us when you book your holiday:

    - You will not be asked any payment in advance when booking, all through 2021; so, should you have to cancel your booking, or should we have to close Ty Morzigell because of lockdown measures, you will not have to ask for a refund! You will pay only once you actually reach the guest house and can enjoy your holiday.

    - We also added two contactless payment methods:


    * NEW by Credit Card directly at the guest house

    * NEW by Chèques Vacances Connect (available for French people only, sorry...)

    * online when booking

    * by cheque, cash or bank transfer


    It is still possible to book online, but your booking can be amended or cancelled any time, with no specific conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help with your booking and prepare a sweet and serene holiday for you!

    In the meantime, take good care of your family, your furry babies, and yourself; stay home, stay safe, and we'll meet in Finistère as soon as possible!


  • Ty Morzigell and Covid-19 - Your health comes first!

    • On 06/06/2020

    (not available in English yet... we are working on it!)

  • Booking during the Covid-19 lockdown... How to proceed?

    • On 08/04/2020

    In order to fight Covid-19 pandemic, the French Authorities require that all holiday home rentals remain closed until the end of the lockdown, which is due on April 15th so far, but is expected to last a bit longer.

    It is not an easy situation to cope with, but it is very wise, so Ty Morzigell is happy to comply with the rules, hoping this will help turn this pandemic into nothing more than a (very bad) memory.

    Consequently, from now on, we cannot accept any bookings until the lockdown is officially over.

    In case you already have a confirmed booking coming soon, we will contact you as soon as possible, and either reschedule your stay or refund you, depending on what suits you best.

    Should you have any questions, or should you wish to book the guest house for a period after the lockdown, please do not book online, and contact us here instead ; we will arrange a provisional schedule, and will confirm your booking as soon as the lockdown is officially over. No payment will be required from you until we are officially allowed to re-open.

    Until then, please take good care of yourselves, pet your pooches, stay safe, stay home, and we'll meet again as soon as possible in Brittany!



  • Booking made easier!

    • On 11/04/2019

    Happy dog


    Here it is, our new booking system is now fully operational!

    (although it is only a French version so far... English version is to be developed, in the meantime please feel free to contact us directly)


    Thanks to our new partner Gîte & Bien, booking your holiday at Ty Morzigell becomes:

    - Easier: the new calendar clearly shows whether the guest house is available on your requested dates.

    - Quicker: we are informed as soon as you place your booking order on the website, all we have to do on our side is control that all information is correct (especially pricing details), and the booking contract is immediately e-mailed to you. Even better, you can validate your booking with an e-signature.

    - Safer: you can pay your deposit by credit card via PayPlug secured platform, or by bank transfer.  

    So, ready, steady... book!

  • Re-thinking our online booking system!

    • On 04/03/2019










    You may see some changes on the website in the upcoming days; we are trying to set up a more user-friendly system for you to book online easily... Stay tuned!

  • What about our feline friends ?

    • On 07/01/2019

    We are sometimes asked whether cats are allowed at Ty Morzigell.

    The answer is : YES, BUT...

    Our feline friends are welcome at Ty Morzigell, but you have to be aware that they will be surrounded by a very canine environment... So we strongly recommend to contact us before booking, so we can discuss your kitty's holidays conditions together!

    (Those recommendations also apply to other small pets)

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  • Same rates for 2019!

    • On 02/11/2018

    Our 2019 rates are on line... and good news, they are just the same as 2018!

    See you very soon in Brittany ;-)